Day 2 – – blogging instead of listing

We have had our website for a number of years; and have had brief flurries with it, depending on volume of ebay and etsy sales. Today my goal is to start revamping the listings…

oops! Can’t delete old files….this is where I holler BOB! my go-to guy for all things techie.

While he is working on that, I am getting ready to go to a late luncheon with friends (and Bob, if he shakes free from this project). We moved to Mobile a couple years ago and made friends right away, starting here in this apartment complex and at the Senior Center with Beading Buddies; once a week a few of us get together to eat, gab and try new places.

Last week, the ladies who lunch fell into some wine tasting at a restaurant and totally blew our budget with glasses and bottles of same. No, we didn’t fall into the wine…..

Trying something new here

The frustrated writer in me wanted something more than just listings on my website – so here we go! Stay tuned for ramblings and writings and the occasional joke.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am also trying something new on my ebay – – Promoting. Here is a listing for something I handmade – not sure, but think it is running with my other ads: